Clairvoyant we won’t become
This side of the coffin
Patient hearts await the night
When we won’t feel the razors

Lusting for the break of day
Craving social justice
The avenues of heaven stir
Abundant fields of rain

Somewhere in the aftermath
We won’t be the same
By and by the doors unfold
To swooshing lands of gladness

All of my trinkets I believe
To tempt me to believe that this world is all that I own
Semi-understanding’s all I’ve got
I can never be arrayed like a Juggernaut of Super-Shooting Beam
Somewhere when I die I’ll reach the twist –
I won’t be ornery;
I won’t be a savage

I still eat the dirt by night
Feathers depict my love
Still I cannot fully grasp
The situations rising

A poof of air from heaven’s atmosphere
Would be a soothing reminder
Life is running out of time
To make room so life may begin

© Jade Alger; All Rights Reserved