Magic of Dreams

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Magic of Dreams

I went to bed the evening of March 5th with no plans whatsoever to write a song the following day. On the contrary, I was planning to record a short cello part and piece together other bits of recordings already in the works. I finished my days work, had a small glass of wine and drifted into sweet sleep.

My dreams that night were intense and diverse. It was one of those nights full of enigmatic dreams like a movie screen as they came consecutively and at random. Little did I know during the night, an eerie mist had also set in.

In the morning, I woke with the perfect combination of a vivid dream, a few lyrics and a melody floating around in my head. When I opened the blinds to discover the misty morning, I was surprised because the setting for the dream I had just awoken from was a thick, wet mist, much like what I observed from my window.

I had my caffeine and grabbed a guitar. I remembered that I already had a guitar part in a strange alternate tuning that fit the mood of the dream and melody. And so a song was born.

That same day I wrote the lyrics and recorded the fantastic but short tune. I’ve never been ashamed to call my own songs fantastic because the best songs don’t come from me. A Muse descends for the perfect songwriting storm; it’s fantastic.. implausible, absurd, irrational, unlikely and otherworldly. It definitely doesn’t originate from myself.

The most interesting thing about the songs I’ve written from dreams, is just how much better the music is when compared with other songs that were toiled over. And so as the day came to a close, I had to tip my hat once again to thank my unexpected guest.