Kinora Strings

Kinora; Experiment in Strings

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Straying slightly from the lyric-based folk tunes of The Muse, Kinora will be an extravaganza of strings.

For this project I plan to take inspiration from the medieval towns of Eastern Slovakia — To traverse the pristine countryside and skeletal remains of layered history as it mixes with the graceful beauty of a culture that is in my opinion, Europe’s best kept secret.

The album will begin and end with classical guitar based melodies accompanied by slow cello. Other tracks will include the midwestern style ballad-esque Letters from Adeline and jazz/chanson tunes like the mischievously romantic Lovers Impromptu.

Many of the numbers will be developed from a short musical sequence and built from there, which differs from my usual technique of approaching the musical structure as a unit. Another divergence in my typical process is the use of cello as a starting point. The cello provides a pleasant bass and a passionate framework for added guitar flurries. This album will contain multiple instrumental passages. However, at least two songs retain a lyrical focus such as When The Last Bird Sings with its mellow, seesaw vocals. Although an abbreviated collection, I expect the raw music to provide a robust listening experience.

A prevailing idea driving the song creation has been overcoming adversity. I’ve been listening to a lot of Beethoven, drawn to his undaunted determination to compose. In writing the music for this album, I feel a fight in my bones to protest the dying of dreams. To seek out that which suffering tries to steal and to dream all the more wildly.

Likewise, riddled with intense passion to create, I have high hopes that Kinora will be a rollercoaster of sound and emotion.