Jade Alger is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His music is an eclectic and distinctive style rooted in the folk scene of the 1960s. Also influenced by classical, avant-garde, chanson, chamber folk and world music, he marries poetic wordplay with guitar and cello to create his melodic tapestries.

Early on at university he put on a theatrical performance titled Calabash in which he wrote the script, composed the music, designed stage props, crafted a marionette and performed as puppeteer together with live actors. Some of his earliest music was written for this one-act play, including Rubrecht and Juggernaut of Super-Shooting Beam.

In 2001 he released a grassroots album entitled The Good Wheel and was part of a collaborative effort, Ila Jade, in 2009. However, uninterested in commercialism at the time, these efforts were for the most part spread by word of mouth only and part of his initial search to find himself musically.

His official debut album, Unfolding the Muse, was released in 2016 to include 16 emotionally-driven tracks. Ethereal vocals mingle with arpeggio classical guitar textures as seesaw melodies float above strings and minimalist percussion. Poetic lyricism takes center stage throughout the record, as Alger takes us on a journey to recognize the dynamic interplay of beauty and darkness.

The latest release, Kinora, is an experimental album that expands into more collaboration and broader instrumentation. This diverse collection incorporates cello into a mixture of classical guitar and folk melodies with some tracks shifting the focal point away from the lyrics, toward neo-classical composition.

The ever-changing nature of life is a major theme on the Kinora record. This can be seen in the cover art circle design, with the logo in the center that seems to spin. The first track on the album, Lovers Impromptu, was put to film in the Czech Republic and starts the album on a playful note.

“Jade is one of those rare songwriters whose music leaves you feeling as though you’ve just been reminded of the very first moment you decided to devote your life to music.” – Kramer, Noise Miami